Our venues provide details of their access and loading facilities so that you can decide on the best way to reveal the product you’re looking to unveil.

This is our sweet spot and what we love to do most. Product launches are a great way to drive revenue and excitement for your new product.We offer several product launch services, depending on your company type, goals, and situation.

Most companies simply roll out new products at a convention, to their existing customer base, or by traditional media. Sadly, by not creating a buzz-worth product launch companies have idea how much revenue they are leaving on the table.

If the product you’re launching is something small and elegant, such as a watch or piece of jewelry for example, you may decide to select a venue that is in keeping with the style and design of the timepiece. Private members clubs, boutique hotels, restaurants and trendy bars often offer sophisticated and stylish backdrops and will attract the A-list celebrity, if that’s what your product launch requires.